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My dear friend Jurko Haltuu recently released a very limited CD-r on the label Funeral Fog Records. It’s a 44 minutes long drone piece that’s based on one of my earlier recordings.

Very dark and emotional, just as I like it. Have a listen below.


Ljuset Kommer Aldrig Åter (The Light Will Never Return) is a 44 minutes and 6 seconds long piece of music, composed, looped and processed by Jurko Haltuu. All sounds are based on a 2 minute & 47 seconds long field recording made by Magnus Natt och Dag in his car just outside Halmstad on the Swedish west coast. Sunday 28 August 2011.

One of the things I didn’t know about my grandfather a couple of years ago was that he plays the harmonica. Nowadays I get the opportunity to hear him play about twice a year, usually during Midsummer and Christmas. As he tends to pick up the harmonica without warning to play a song or two I’ve earlier missed the opportunity to record a full song. This Christmas I was prepared.

Geek note: Soundman OKM-II Klassik -> Sony PCM-D50


I hope you all have a nice holiday!

Ludvig Cimbrelius, a dear friend of mine, is releasing a very nice song under the alias Alveol. It’s a split-ep together with Timo Camillo on the label 26 Tea Drops International . Listen carefully to Blue Lips not just for the immense experience you may get but also as you in the end of the song may distinguish one of my field recordings, kids playing in a schoolyard in Stuvsta south of Stockholm.

Keep your eyes (and ears) open for the upcoming 12″ release by Ludvig on Mule Electronic. Pure bliss if you ask me!

Check out some of his other stuff here: Purl Rust