Snow and ice. Winter has finally come. I think that one of the more encouraging sounds to record this time of year is ice. Ever-changing through unending variations, ice always brings you new dimensions to listen to. This is evident through the captures of ice by the recordists working with BBC’s series Frozen planet. My contribution is a bit more modest:

You might need to turn up the volume a bit, use headphones for best result

Geek note: Aquarian H2a -> Sound Devices 702

The sounds heard above are all recorded using a contact mic on the frozen lake just next to our cabin. The original recording is about one hour, the two and a half minutes above is the result of some rearranging, cut and paste and a load of fades. No effects were added, except some slight hiss reduction in post as I had to crank up the gain quite a lot while recording. There’s one layer of sound playing at a time. Even though there where extended moments of “silence” during the hour or so I recorded there where also some very lively minutes with cracks and lots of ray guns going off.