…some of you might wonder.

Due to some changes in my life I haven’t been able to update the blog, or go out soundhunting, as often as I would have wanted. As I’ve been taking up studying besides work there’s little time to do anything at all except reading, writing and working at the moment.
This will hopefully change pretty soon as I’ve decided to quit my job in a couple of months and eventually move from Malmö. My next city to call home will be Göteborg (Gothenburg), situated about 250 km up north along the coast from where I’m living now. Matilda already moved there and I’m planning to follow her as soon as possible.

It feels kind of sad to leave this city with all its  fantastic people, wonderful sounds and its possibilities when it comes to all kinds of experimental cultural expressions. I will definitely miss Malmö.
At the same time I must say that I feel excited to find entirely new environments and soundscapes  to explore, which I hopefully will be able to do with more time on my hands. And of course, my old friends will still be here and new ones will hopefully be added. All in all I think this marks the start of something good.

With that said I also have a short recording for you. It’s a noise jam “composed” on my way home from Matilda just after I helped her move north. As I had forgotten my ipod in Malmö I eventually got bored with the monotonous traffic noise surrounding me on the highway so I tried to get our malfunctioning car radio to work. It didn’t turn out that well so I switched from the FM-band to the AM-band in pure desperation at the very moment I drove into a hailstorm. As I turned on the wipers I noticed how the sound they made became amplified through the stereo. Luckily enough I had my portable recorder in a bag beside me so I grabbed for it and pressed rec. This is what I got:

Geek note: Sony PCM-D50 (mics spread 120 degrees)