Last Saturday a huge thunderstorm moved in over Copenhagen causing flooded streets, blackouts and demolished cell towers as 150mm of rain fell within a few hours. That amount of rainfall is extreme here as it usually takes a period of three months to get up to 150mm. On this side of the strait we could hear some of the thunder rolling in, so after getting home from work I placed my mics on the balcony and recorded for about half an hour. Here are some extracts.

Geek note: 2 x Røde NT1-A’s (ORTF, 17 cms spacing, 110 degrees) -> Sound Devices 702

As you can hear there are some rattling sounds to be heard during the loudest thunderclaps, I’m not sure if this is the product of the NT1-A’s being overloaded or if it’s something rattling on the balcony. Do any of you with experience of recording with large-diaphragm microphones know if it might be an issue using these mics while recording loud noises containing low frequencys? Would I be better off using for example a pair of AT-4041?