Next to our laundry room this old beauty resides (alright it’s not the sexiest of all photos, but it’ll give you an idea of how it looks).

It’s a stone mangle made here in Malmö at A.T. Antonssons Mangelfabrik in the 1950’s. Antonssons mangle factory shut down in the late 80’s as the industrial decline had stomped down hard on Malmö for decades, so entering our laundry room is somewhat like stepping into a small museum displaying some of this city’s former glory of industrial pride.

I can’t help but being fascinated by it still standing there in working condition after all those years. Its weight at about 1500kg might be part of the explanation, but I doubt that anyone is actually using it today.

Some days ago I decided to give it a go in front of my mics. I love the sound of old mechanical machinery and I certainly didn’t get dissapointed by its clonks and creaks.

Geek note: 2 x Røde NT1-A’s (ORTF-position, 17cms spacing, 110 degrees) -> Sound Devices 702