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Me and Matilda spent last week in and around Karlshamn where we took care of Stella, her parents dog, while they where abroad. The first couple of days we stayed at a friends place on a small island called Hallö, situated about 15 minutes by boat of the mainland. At first thought islands offer great opportunities when it comes to recording nature soundscapes as you don’t have to worry about cars ruining your set. On the other hand boats tends to be at least as noisy and sounds carries easily over open space. So to avoid disturbing noises I got up early one morning to record some dawn choruses as well as ambience down by the cliffs. The rumble that’s audible in the background in both recordings is waves that breaks further out at sea.

The recording of the dawn chorus below is made at the the south side of Hallö, where the vegetation was denser than on the rest of the island:

Geek note: 2 x Røde NT1-A’s (ORTF, 17 cm spacing, 110 degrees) -> Sound Devices 702

Down by the cliffs on the islands north side I got the opportunity to watch (and listen to) a fisherman emptying his nets some hundred meters out at sea. Trailing behind him where numerous of fish terns, herring gulls and sea gulls. This recording consists of some of the more common sounds that you hear when spending time in the Swedish archipelago.

Geek note: 2 x Røde NT1-A’s (ORTF, 17 cm spacing, 110 degrees) -> Sound Devices 702

Last Saturday a huge thunderstorm moved in over Copenhagen causing flooded streets, blackouts and demolished cell towers as 150mm of rain fell within a few hours. That amount of rainfall is extreme here as it usually takes a period of three months to get up to 150mm. On this side of the strait we could hear some of the thunder rolling in, so after getting home from work I placed my mics on the balcony and recorded for about half an hour. Here are some extracts.

Geek note: 2 x Røde NT1-A’s (ORTF, 17 cms spacing, 110 degrees) -> Sound Devices 702

As you can hear there are some rattling sounds to be heard during the loudest thunderclaps, I’m not sure if this is the product of the NT1-A’s being overloaded or if it’s something rattling on the balcony. Do any of you with experience of recording with large-diaphragm microphones know if it might be an issue using these mics while recording loud noises containing low frequencys? Would I be better off using for example a pair of AT-4041?

Next to our laundry room this old beauty resides (alright it’s not the sexiest of all photos, but it’ll give you an idea of how it looks).

It’s a stone mangle made here in Malmö at A.T. Antonssons Mangelfabrik in the 1950’s. Antonssons mangle factory shut down in the late 80’s as the industrial decline had stomped down hard on Malmö for decades, so entering our laundry room is somewhat like stepping into a small museum displaying some of this city’s former glory of industrial pride.

I can’t help but being fascinated by it still standing there in working condition after all those years. Its weight at about 1500kg might be part of the explanation, but I doubt that anyone is actually using it today.

Some days ago I decided to give it a go in front of my mics. I love the sound of old mechanical machinery and I certainly didn’t get dissapointed by its clonks and creaks.

Geek note: 2 x Røde NT1-A’s (ORTF-position, 17cms spacing, 110 degrees) -> Sound Devices 702