Finally back on track with ten more hours of upload time on Soundcloud.

I’ll start out with sharing some recordings made in the forests of Blekinge an early morning a couple of weeks ago. After walking on a hiking trail about half an hour from where I left the car I found a fallen tree in a small beech forest surrounded by grassland. The tree made these lovely squeaking noises when the wind took hold of it. Despite efforts of putting the mics in cover I still had to use the high pass-filter to remove some of the rumbling caused by the fairly strong gusts.

Geek note: 2xRøde NT1-A’s (ORTF, 17 cm spacing, 110 degrees) -> Sound Devices 702

Below is a recording made the same morning of a small stream close by.

Geek note: 2xRøde NT1-A’s (ORTF, 17 cm spacing, 90 degrees) -> Sound Devices 702

These two recordings where part of the first test run I did with a used Sound Devices 702 I recently bought. And yes, the 702 is the main reason I couldn’t afford the Soundcloud upgrade sooner. All in all I agree with Audiofieldrecorders thoughts about it, a lovely piece of machinery that you will definitely hear more from.