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Yet another visit in Blekinge as I was spending last weekend at Matildas parents place. We had planned on visiting Tjärö, a pretty large island in the archipelago of south-east Sweden, so I brought a hydrophone with me to record some underwater sounds. Here’s a short clip of the ferry docking just before we went back to the mainland:

On our way home I used the hydrophone as a contact mic and placed it on the floor of the railway carriage and recorded a fifteen minute drone between two stations.

The sample below is from a passage when going from travelling with full speed to slowing down before entering Kristianstad:

Geek note: Aquarian H2a -> Sony PCM-D50

Last week we had some stormy weather moving in over large parts of Sweden. Last Friday I had the chance to go to Falsterbo, a small settlement on the south-western tip of Sweden, where I in cover of some breakwaters recorded quite strong gusts creating a howling sound when moving in over the marina.


I would’ve liked to use the NT1-A’s to get it in stereo but my DIY windscreens wouldn’t have stood a chance against this kind of wind.

Geek note: Sennheiser ME64 (mounted in a Røde blimp) -> Sony PCM-D50 (low cut filter on)