Last weekend I went back to my grandparents place together with a friend of mine. First I thought of trying to get some recordings of wind for this months theme from the Sound Collectors’ Club but as the weather was going to be calm I changed my mind and brought with me my mobile gear with the Eagle owl nesting close by in mind. Of course I ended up recording something completely different, namely ice, as no sign of the Eagle owl were to be found during our stay.

As you can hear below the recordings are in mono and colored by the ME64s’ self noise as this isn’t the quietest of mics. If I’d known in advance that I would end up recording ambient sounds I would have brought my much quieter NT1-As’ for stereo recording. But hey, you got to make do with what you got and I rather end up recording something than returning empty handed.

First we went down to the sea by night. I mounted the mic on the shoreline and we seated ourselves scanning the area for foxes while the recording was made. The temperature were about 11 degrees Celsius below zero.


The next morning I woke up rather early and went down to the same spot as the night before and made yet another recording.

At this point the temperature were about the same as the night before but the sun was warming. Yet another sign of an eagerly awaited spring. You can hear a flock of Greylag and Canada geese in the distance.


Geek note: Sennheiser ME64 -> Sony PCM-D50 [Some white noise removed afterwards, believe it or not.]