A couple of days ago this arrived at my local post office:

With winds blowing around 10m/s today I decided to go out for a test run bringing my Sennheiser ME64 and the Røde blimp. Being used to DIY windscreens as I am I must say that this blimp really impresses me with its performance.

The recording below is made at what probably is one of Malmö’s windiest spots; down by the ocean on Ön (an artificial island in Öresund). There were some strong gusts battering down on the blimp but my ME64 didn’t clip once even though I had chosen not to turn on the low cut filter for this test.


Having my mic suspended in a schockmount on a pistol grip I for the first time experienced the freedom of being able to poke my mic into holes. I found some cavities between the rocks of the breakwaters on Ön that I lowered my blimp into. I like the low frequency rumble emitted in between the rocks combined with the random splashes of water. At 2:05 you can hear an airplane going in for landing on Kastrup, Copenhagen’s airport situated across the straight.


Geek note: Sennheiser ME64 (mounted in a Røde blimp) -> Sony PCM-D50