Last Monday I went to Stockholm on a short trip with work. I am like Des Coulam when it comes to at least two aspects; I rarely leave my recording equipment at home and I enjoy the sounds at railway stations. So I took the chance to record some train related sounds while heading north.

Please use headphones when listening.

The two recordings below are from down by the tracks of the newly re-built central station in Malmö. The first recording, in which you hear an approaching train, is made at a less crowded part of the platform.


When recording the second session I placed myself in the middle of a crowd waiting for an arriving train.


The last recording is made at the rear end of one of the railway wagons on a X2000 (the Swedish fast train) bound for Stockholm. Close to Södertälje something interesting happened while I was recording; the train passed through a number of tunnels that pressurized the space I was standing in, making the hearing on my right ear diminish for a while. This is something that most of you probably have experienced at one time or another. Once at home I listened at the recording from the train and noticed that the pressure probably also had affected the microphone placed in my right ear. You can hear it at about 2:55 into the recording.


Can someone who is more technically oriented please explain this to me?

Geek note: All recordings made with Soundman OKM-II Klassik -> Sony PCM-D50.