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One of the things I didn’t know about my grandfather a couple of years ago was that he plays the harmonica. Nowadays I get the opportunity to hear him play about twice a year, usually during Midsummer and Christmas. As he tends to pick up the harmonica without warning to play a song or two I’ve earlier missed the opportunity to record a full song. This Christmas I was prepared.

Geek note: Soundman OKM-II Klassik -> Sony PCM-D50


I hope you all have a nice holiday!

Triangeln is yet another mall in Malmö. Located in the central parts of southern Malmö it hosts a whole bunch of shops of different kinds. The layout of the place is pretty messy, even though I’ve been there a lot of times I often tend to get lost when trying to find the shortest way out.

As in Mobilia (see: Public spaces pt. 3: Mobilia) there is an open air dining area that spills out into the mall, the seatings are belonging to a couple of different cafés. At this specific location the ceiling height is very generous which creates an acoustic atmosphere that resembles a very noisy cathedral, light-hearted pop music added to the background. I find this interesting as you somewhat get filled with a devotional feeling in a place dedicated to shopping.

The recording below is made from the second floor of the mall, so I’m elevated a couple of meters compared to the dining area. The very audible background noise, that I didn’t pay attention to while recording, must be coming from the surrounding traffic as well as the loads of people walking around. Once again it hits me how many sounds it is that my brain selectively ignores when visiting familiar areas out in the field.


Please use headphones when listening to this quasi-binaural recording.

Geek note: Soundman OKM-II Klassik -> Sony PCM-D50

Eventhough I really don’t consider shopping malls public spaces, they’re more like privatized space open to the public during certain hours, I do think that they especially in urbanized areas work as social venues.
Being intrested in sounds as I am what often strikes me in shopping malls like these is the owners attempt to control the soundscape. This is in my experience mainly done through architectural design, muzak and advertisements over a PA as well as the constant presence of authority (guards).

Mobilia is a rather small mall in the southern outskirts of central Malmö, containing shops of various sizes as well as a dining area consisting of several restaurants and a café.
The shops encircles the dining area making it a simple task to go straight from eating to shopping and the other way around

I mainly focused on the dining area when recording but also made a soundwalk circling it. The reason for this is that this area is pretty much the only place to sit down in (except a few benches and a small coffee shop at one of entrances) especially if you are a group of people.
As there are several restaurants sharing the same seatings this area is very noisy, you don’t feel relaxed sitting here for a longer period of time.

Dining area

Please use headphones when listening to this quasi-binaural recording.

When walking around the music from the PA blends with different kinds of tunes spilling out from the various shops around you creating a rather chaotic soundscape. The only ways to escape this is by either walking into a shop and get devoured by its own sounds, finding one of the rare quiet spots, using a mp3-player or by leaving the mall.


Please use headphones when listening to this quasi-binaural recording.

Geek note: Soundman OKM-II Classic -> Sony PCM-D50