This is what Möllevångstorget in Malmö sounds like after lunch during a weekday. It’s recorded about the same hours as the square in Limhamn (see Public spaces pt. 1) but on a different day. The recording starts with me walking around for one and a half minute, after that I stand still at the same location in the middle of the marketplace.

Please use headphones when listening to this quasi-binaural recording

I really like listening to recordings made at familiar locations as I afterwards often get a totally different sense of the place. When using your ears as an instrument in the field you are selective in choosing what to focus on, you take all visual impressions of a place and combine them with your hearing to get the motion picture in surround sound. But at home, listening to one of these familiar places, all the details that you in field selectively didn’t notice appears. Somehow I get the feeling of deeper tuning into what actually surrounded me, my post-presence gives me all the details that where unnoticeable when being present.

I hope that some of you that are familiar with these public places will sense the same thing even though you won’t be remembering the visual impressions from the specific moments of the recordings.

Geek note: Soundman OKM-II Klassik -> Sony PCM-D50