Close to Matildas parents place are some fairly large substations located, they’re connected to a cable for exporting/importing electricity which is transported underneath the Baltic sea to and from Poland. I walked up there when the sun was setting and ended up recording in complete darkness. After recording about ten minutes I was almost scared to death by two deers that suddenly appeared on the road about five meters in front of me. I had my back turned against the microphones while still monitoring the recording so you won’t hear them on the recording and neither did I when they approached. They didn’t seem to notice me at all.

I went up to this place once before to record in mono with my Sennheiser ME64, but I wasn’t satisfied with the result and have ever since been longing to capture it in stereo with a pair of low self-noise microphones.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera when leaving Malmö so I don’t have any pictures that will give you an idea about what it looks like there.

In the first recording I centered my stereo rig in front of two pylons and directed my microphones up towards the power lines. The crackling sound is coming from two sets of coils, one hanging under each pylon. About 1:30 you’ll hear some kind of machinery starting in a building to the left to which the power lines connects.


The second recording is made at the place where the electricity is transferred from the cable under ground to power lines above ground. For some reason I get an error message when trying to put two players from Bandcamp in the same post (“TypeError: Error #1010”, anybody knows why?) so here’s the link to the second recording:



Geek note: Both recordings made with 2xRøde NT1-As (ortf position, 9 cm spacing, angled 90 degrees) -> Rolls PB223 -> Sony PCM-D50