The other day I went down to Öresundsbron, the big bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark. I set my rig underneath the bridge on the Swedish side with the microphones directed towards the strait and Denmark. You can hear the traffic passing by on top of the bridge and at the end of the clip a train approaching on the midsection of the bridge. There were some birds presents and of course water lapping gently against the rocks underneath the massive construction. You can also hear the drone from a close by air duct.

I had to cut the clip just before the train passed by as I’d set the gain to match the traffic on the highway above the train section. Obviously that was far too high as the sound of the oncoming train almost blew my eardrums away.

Geek note: 2xRøde NT1-As (ortf position, 17 cm spacing, angled 110 degrees) -> Rolls PB223 -> Sony PCM-D50